Business on the Road

August 21, 2017 2 Comments

Business on the Road

As a college start up, life is anything but ordinary.

Our college summer classes were beginning to wrap up. We were soon to be kicked out of our summer housing. To research the retail market, we were planning and planning a three week Colorado road trip. Suddenly, we got the call that would make every entrepreneurs heart stop: our shipment for fulfilling our Kickstarter campaign would be delayed past the date that we'd be kicked out of our dorms, leaving us no choice but to run the business and do over 100 shipments on the road. So what did we do? We filled our 4runner with our hiking gear, hammocks, strap, and packing boxes, got up at 4am, and made our way from San Antonio, Texas to Colorado.

Doing business on the road from San Antonio to Colorado. Car packing full of hammocks, straps, packing boxes, and hiking gear.

From there we had various delivery check points where we collected a bunch of our products and then stayed the day at a campsite to package as many orders we could.

Hammock filled with other hammocks at a campsite.

All of this was done out of our car at various places in Colorado.

4runner at the Rocky Mountains National Park

In the end we successfully shipped all Kickstarter orders, drove over 3,200 miles, went to over 100 retail locations, and hiked enough miles to make our legs feel like jelly. 

Hammock hanging on Welcome to Colorful Colorado Sign

- The RADD team

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Tia Adams
Tia Adams

August 21, 2017

I’m excited for y’all, and feeling blessed to be part of your journey!

Kimberly Hudgins
Kimberly Hudgins

August 21, 2017

We love it! Way to go, Jamie! So exciting to see all the amazing progress with your new company :) Thanks for keeping us updated along the way. Best of luck and hope to see you soon!

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